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Run Beyond

Exhibited in:

  • London, UK 2022

  • Ryadh, KSA 2021

  • Niagara Falls, CA 2021

  • Knobbe, BE 2020

  • Liverpool, UK 2019

  • Singapore, SG 2019

  • Washington DC, US 2018

  • Toronto, CA 2017

  • Lausanne, CH 2017

  • Amsterdam, NL 2015/16

Run beyond is an incitement to go over the limits imposed by reason.
The artwork represents a man who takes an impossible jump, in the middle of a surrealistic running.
Run beyond becomes the place of a liberating action which drives individuals to overtake fears and constrains, in order to open themselves with the strength of imagination, to other cultures, new friendships and unknown horizons.
Running is the action which better represents liberation, is the most immediate and impulsive gesture of a human being, who runs both to escape the danger and to reach what attracts him.
The Artwork is represented as a continuous cycle; running starts, stops and then starts again. As in the life of each one of us.