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ANGELO BONELLO was born in Turin. He has been interested in painting and sculpture since childhood under the guidance of the Impressionist artist Sergio Manfredi. Later he met the artist Antonio Carena from whom he learnt the abstract and conceptual arts before landing on the shores of Techno-Art with the artist Piero Gilardi.
At the same time he spent his early years on a long journey of discovery of nature, culture and art. While studying, he explores forests, climbs mountains and discovers and lives the big cities, like Barcelona, London, Beijing, Bogotà, Rio de Janeiro, etc.
Angelo Bonello conceives the urban space as a large stage hosting environmental performances and light installations perfectly mixed up with the landscape, moving the land art up to a dreamlike level.
He develops a visual sensibility and a signature style based on the dimensional twisting of the scenic space and the landscape. A stage that, beside the horizontal level, considers also the aerial projection. In 1997 he settled in Rome, where he met Alberta Nunziante and they founded Kitonb Creative Studio together.
He keeps exploring the most uninhabited corners around the world, yet Rome is where he imagines and creates more than 150 projects, realized in 40 countries worldwide.
His artistic path runs on different fields, ranging from environmental theater to light art, to TV and entertainment.